Residential Glazing

Residential Glazing to Make You Feel At Home

What is it that separates good service from exceptional service?

When it comes to glazing, we reckon it’s having a tradesman you can trust – one who’s well qualified, reliable, punctual, professional and well presented – in order to provide comprehensive satisfaction.

After all, it’s unlikely you’d open your door to a shifty glazier who looks like he’s been dragged through a broken window backwards.

Having your glass replaced is not an every day occurrence and can be a daunting process however the main priority for most people is to find a glazier who offers a fast and reliable service. By choosing Apex Glass and Glazing you can be assured that our professional team can solve any problem associated with broken glass.

Here at Apex Glass and Glazing, all of our tradesmen are house trained, which means they’ll fit your double glazed windows, install your shower screen or repair a football-sized hole in the pane, without trampling your magnolias or muddying your carpets.

Domestic Glass Repairs

Glass is manufactured by melting sand, soda ash, dolomite and limestone to a white hot state then ‘floating’ it over a bed of molten tin.

This produces ordinary glass often referred to as ‘float’ or ‘plate’ glass. All building glass types begin with this process then have concurrent and / or subsequent processes that produce a multitude of variations for different applications.

Toughened Glass

Toughened Glass, or ‘Tempered Glass’, has been baked at tremendous temperatures and then cooled quickly, making the glass 4 to 5 times stronger than normal glass of the same thickness. The process of toughening glass creates compression on the surfaces and tension in the centre. Toughened Glass is commonly found in Shower Screens, Balustrade and glass table tops. When Toughened Glass is struck with sufficient force as to cause a breakage, the glass shatters into tiny, relatively harmless, pieces.

Laminated Glass

Laminated safety glass comprises 2 or more layers of glass permanently bonded with a special poly or resin interlayer. This interlayer can be invisible when looking through the glass but can also be used with colours and patterns to create different effects. The evolution of specialised interlayers in laminated glass has led to a wide range of products designed for security, sound insulation, energy efficiency and aesthetic design applications. Laminated glass is typically found in glass doors and shop front windows and can often be cut on site to achieve fast job completion.

Decorative Glass

Our range of decorative glass options provides a wealth of exciting possibilities for your home or office. Whether you’re interested in improving privacy in your home or adorning commercial glass with your corporate logo, we can offer a visual transformation of your plain glass with our range of decorative glass options. Using the latest in digital imaging technology, our decorative glass is an economical choice to enhance and personalise the glass in your home or office.

Glass Mirrors

Mirror is made of high quality annealed glass and backed with a silver coating protected by baked enamel paint. Available in a range of tints, special finishes and safety glass. There are various types of safety mirrors and because of the materials used in each, the appearance differs greatly. Some of the options are; toughened mirrors, laminated safety mirrors, perspex mirrors, curved viewing mirrors and safety plastic backed mirrors. Each mirror type has a specific use and function and it’s always best to ask a qualified glazier about what to use for your situation.

If you’re looking for something to make your neighbours green with envy, we’re well placed to offer advice on bespoke products, including kitchen splash backs, customised table tops, glass roofs or frameless glass systems.

Importantly, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for here, give us a call to discuss your project or fill out our enquiry form and we’ll call you back as soon as possible.

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