Mirror Wardrobe Doors

Is your bedroom in the need of a face lift?

Why not try a set of Mirror wardrobe doors? If you are struggling for space or light then this is the ideal part of furniture for you room.

Due to the reflective surface, the wardrobe doors will give the illusion of space making the bedroom look bigger. The mirror in the doors will reflect the available light making the room brighter there for giving you a more comfortable living environment.

But it dose not stop there! We also offer great designs and a remarkable painted finish.

Here at Apex Glass and Glazing we specialize in bespoke finishes to the wardrobe doors, from glitter to crackle effect we supply them all.

Because we Paint the glass ourselves this allows you the choose ANY colour that you desire. If you are keen on the colour of your walls, light shade or even your car, simply supply us with a sample of the colour and we will match it exactly.

Painting the glass is great idea as you can match the exciting furniture in the room allowing you to achieve the interior design that you are looking for.

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