Glass Suppliers Dundee

Due to the great technology within the glass industry these days there is a massive range of different types of glass. Apex Glass and Glazing has access to everything from standard clear float glass, tempered, toughened, greenhouse glass, tinted and laminated to energy efficient and safety glass supply

Apex Glass and Glazing can supply you with a wide range of glass products to suit your needs. We can also give you professional advise on what type you should be using. Whether it is a small DIY job or a glass table top, we can provide them all.

Frosted and patterned glass suppliers in Dundee

Here at Apex Glass we have a great range of patterned glass or frosted glass to add character and privacy to your property. Many in the range can be toughened, allowing them to used in doors where A-grade safety is needed.

Laminated Glass suppliers

Apex Glass and Glazing supply and install Laminated glass. In the majority of cases we can cut and install within the same day. Laminated glass comes in many different thicknesses depending on the level of safety that you require. The thinnest is 6.4mm and ranges all the way up to 12.8mm. If thick enough laminated glass can even stop bullets! The glass is made up from gluing two pieces of glass together with a clear resin. The safety aspect of this glass is proven if it were to break in situ. The glass will remain together leaving no shards protruding from the window frame. This is a fantastic product to install in your home if you have young children.

Toughened glass suppliers

Toughened glass or “tempered glass” has been baked at a very high temperature then cooled back down very quickly. This makes it 3-4 times stronger than float glass of the same thickness. Toughened glass complies with ‘British Standards Safety Glazing Materials’ and can be used for shower screens, balustrades and glass table tops. When hit with sufficient force toughened glass will break into tiny little pieces that will cause minimal harm.

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