Glass Splashbacks

Kitchen Glass Splashbacks Dundee

Are you tired of cleaning the dirty grout lines between your tiles or are you simply looking to give your kitchen a modern facelift? Well an Apex Glass and Glazing Glass Splashbacks is the way forward.

Not only is it easy to clean but it looks great as well. You can choose virtually any colour that matches the interior decoration of your property. By clicking here  you can have a look at a wide range of RAl coloures that are available TBC. As most of you know the kitchen is where most social occasions end up so give your guests a visual feature to remember.

A kitchen glass splashback will not give you a distorted look unlike acrylic therefor giving you a more professional, expensive finish.

What are our Splashbacks made from?

The glass splashbacks made here at Apex Glass and Glazing are produced from only one thickness of glass. We recommend where possible that you use 6mm toughened because of the general day to day wear and tear it can withstand.

We also recommend you use is 6mm Low Iron clear toughened, this product has a lower iron content added to it during the manufacturing stage. This allows you to achieve a true colour likeness.

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