Glass Roofing

Glass Roofing 

Whether it’s a roof, wall or even a whole room, structural glazing is a breathtaking feature.

More explicitly, a glazed roof is a great way to bring in light from above, which can be crucial when extending the rear of your home, as it ensures existing rooms don’t lose light.

Indeed, there’s no substitute for natural light – and installing a glass roof is ideal for brightening up any residential or commercial space.

Perfect for allowing the sun to heat up the inside while shielding you from the elements, glass roofs can be installed in the home and in a wide variety of retail premises.

Glass roofs can take the form of:

• Skylights

• Velux windows

Glass awnings

Importantly, a frameless glass rooflight or glazed roofing doesn’t usually require planning permission, which means you can add an exceptional feature to your property with the minimum of fuss.

Additionally, we can also carry out repairs to an existing glass roof, whether it’s a conservatory pane in need of mending or an awning over a commercial property which needs some urgent TLC.

If you’d like to talk to us about an installation or repair, please get in touch with a member of the team today to discuss your requirements.

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