uPVC Doors

Installing uPVC Doors

They say that you only get one chance to make a first impression – which is why a uPVC door is the ideal welcoming party for visitors to your home.

Much like uPVC windows, a door made of the same material will add value to your property, as well as improving the overall look and feel.

Considering they’re available in hundreds of styles and all shapes and sizes, you should have no trouble choosing the perfect door for your home.

Importantly, uPVC doors are extremely durable and will stand up resolutely to the unpredictably of the British weather.

In addition, unlike traditional wooden doors, uPVC requires minimal maintenance, aside from occasionally oiling the locking mechanisms.

uPVC Panel Doors

Our uPVC panels are made up of two uPVC skins pressure bonded to a core material of E.H.D.F.R.A (Extra High Density Fire Retardant Additive) polystyrene using a specially formulated adhesive that’s both heat and moisture resistant.

Composite Doors

Our composite doors are made from a superior MONOCOQUE structure of fiberglass that is then covered with a choose of White, Cream, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, Chesnut and Light Oak GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) skin. This premium composite door also offers extreme levels of thermal efficiency and weatherproofing. The doors are glazed with triple glazed units adding to their excellent combined U value of 0.64 In fact, our composite doors are 19% more thermally efficient than a solid timber core composite.

Due to their unique structure, the Monocoque Composite Door provides a greater level of home security than traditional wooden doors. The doors are fitted with a 3 hook, 2 shoot bolts locking mechanism that has a 10 year Mechanical guarantee

This means any intruders armed with crowbars and nefarious thoughts will face a meaner prospect than a door made of wood, leading them to move on to easier pickings.

If you’d like to add a uPVC door to your property, or if you need someone to repair an existing door, please fill out our short enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements.