Bespoke Mirrors

Aside from offering a reflection to fix your hair or makeup, a mirror can also alter the way you look at a room.

Our custom-made mirrors provide maximum impact, as they transform an ordinary room into a beautiful and elegant space.

Available in many shapes and sizes, we’ll work with you to install a unique interior design choice that complements your existing decor and completes your home's look and feel.

To keep pace with contemporary interior design trends, the vast majority of our customers prefer a frameless mirror, which adds to the illusion of space in any application.

We can also provide a range of toilet mirrors for your business, with our experienced tradesmen on hand to offer advice on the ideal product for your firm's needs.

If you’d like to add a touch of class to your living space, contact a member of the Apex Glass and Glazing team today – we’d be happy to help.

Mirror installed with LED lights around the perimeter, installed by Apex Glass and Glazing.

A large frameless wall mirror fitted by Apex Glass and Glazing in the local gym.

1What thickness of mirror can I get?
We have an option of 2 thicknesses, 4mm and 6mm.
1Can you get mirrors cut in different shapes
Yes, we can mirrors to all shapes and sizes.
1What the best way to fix a mirror to the wall?
We recommend that you glue fix mirrors to the wall with mirror adhesive but you can also screw fix them as long as they have been fitted with fixing holes.