Glass Splashbacks

Glass Splashbacks Scotland

Are you tired of cleaning the dirty grout lines between your tiles or are you simply looking to give your kitchen a modern facelift? Well an Apex Glass and Glazing glass Splashback is the way forward.

Not only is it easy to clean but it looks great as well. You can choose virtually any colour that matches the interior decoration of your property. By clicking here or on the Dulux link below you can have a look at a wide range of coloures. As most of you know the kitchen is where most social occasions end up so give your guests a visual feature to remember.

A glass splashback will not give you a distorted look unlike acrylic therefor giving you a more professional, expensive finish.

What are our Splashbacks made from?

The Splashbacks made here at Apex Glass and Glazing can be produced from one of two types of glass. We recommend where possible that you use 6mm toughened because of the general day to day wear and tear it can withstand.

One of the two types of glass you can use is 6mm Low Iron clear toughened, this product has a lower iron content added to it during the manufacturing stage. This allows you to achieve a true colour likeness.

The other is 6mm clear toughened, which is the standard and less expensive option.Yet still providing a sufficient product to use for your kitchen splashback.


Apex Glass and Glazing | Kitchen coloured splashbacks Scotland.


Apex Glass and Glazing | Kitchen coloured splashbacks Scotland.

Apex Glass and Glazing | Domestic Glass splashbacks Scotland.

Apex Glass and Glazing | Domestic Glass splashbacks Scotland.

Metallic silver glass splashback, Installed by Apex Glass and Glazing


Add a dash of purple with a kitchen splashback, Installed by Apex Glass and Glazing.

Add a vibrant touch of colour to you kitchen with a glass splashback.

Add a vibrant touch of colour to you kitchen with a glass splashback.


Bright and bold yellow splashback Installed by Apex Glass and Glazing.

Dulux colour chart

Choose your desired colour of glass splashback | Apex Glass and Glazing | Dundee

1What are Glass splashbacks made from?
They can be made from two types of glass. 6mm clear toughened or 6mm low iron toughened. Depending on what colour you choose will depend on what kind you have to use.
1How long will it take from ordering a splashback till installation?
From the day you order the glass it will take 10 days to manufacture the glass then 4 days to spray the splashback. After that it's ready to be installed.
1What colours can I choose?
At Apex Glass and Glazing we can spray your splashback any colour you desire. By clicking on the Dulux link above you will find a range of colours to choose from.
1Can you put a splashback over tiles?
Yes you can.
1Can splashbacks be used in bathrooms?
Yes they can be used in bathroom and work well in shower enclosures.
1Can I put a glass splashback behind the hob?
Yes you can, because we toughen all of our splashbacks this means they can withstand very high temperatures.
1Do I need to plaster my walls before installing a splashback?
It is not important that your walls are finished properly because the glass splashback will cover all the imperfection.
1What is the best product for cleaning Glass splashbacks ?
For a daily clean it is best to use a domestic glass cleaner but if you have tough, hard to remove stains you can use a alcohol based chemicals. If you choose to use a alcohol based chemical then please beware of the edge as it will remove the paint.
1What kind of silicone can I use to stick or seal the splashback to the wall?
It is very important to use the correct kind of silicone when it comes to splashbacks. This is a bespoke product and can be purchased from Apex Glass and Glazing at our premises on Foundry Lane.